Babies are cute…babies in ponchos are cuter

It seems I have a hard time taking a year off and NOT creating something. During my last mat leave I hand letterpressed holiday cards and started an Etsy store where they promptly sold out. This time around I decided to tackle an actual design challenge I faced with our then 6 month old daughter.

No snowsuits in car seats. What? But how do I get to the car? How does she stay warm? What is going on?? That was what was going on in my head when I found out how dangerous it was to put your baby in a car seat with a jacket or snowsuit on. After a little bit of research, a few prototypes, and some late nights (because who doesn’t love staying up all night with a new baby?) I came up with a design solution that I thought was the best of both worlds. A totally functional, safe solution to keeping kiddies safe and warm in their car seats AND totally adorable and unique.

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